Undated Logbooks

Undated My Student Logbooks – maximum flexibility! 

The undated My Student Logbook is truly the best way to customize to your needs.  Here are some examples of how our customers are using these books:


Beginning the week on Sunday…

MSL Undated Weekly set-up examples_beg_Sunday


Beginning with the first school day of the week…*

MSL Undated Weekly set-up examples_firstschoolday

Numbering the days in the school year 1 – 180…

MSL Undated Weekly set-up examples_180

Using the Jewish calendar…

MSL Undated Weekly set-up examples_jewish

*Beginning with the first school day of the week is my favorite, and is especially useful for younger children who will tend to put their checkmarks in the first column regardless of the column’s heading. 

Make it yours!  If your family runs a 4-day school week beginning every Wednesday, you may wish to date your logbook Wednesdays – Saturdays and leave the last 3 columns blank.  Feel free to be creative and do whatever it takes to make this tool serve you and your family!

Purchase your own Undated Logbook here.  (Only a physical product is available–no instant downloads.)